Thursday, December 12, 2013


Kenapa mereka begitu berani....??? kerana mereka sudah menrancang begitu rapi bagaimana untuk menguasai Malaysia , cuma si Jeff Oii ni tak sabar nak tunjuk kuasa. Selepas pru 14 nanti ....mereka bakal lagi sombong dari sekarang kerana yakin Malaysia bakal tumbang ke tangan mereka. MEREKA SUDAH ADA BACKUP DI BELAKANG.... SELAMAT TINGGAL, SEHINGGA KITA BERJUMPA LAGI JIKA KITA SEMUA MASIH SELAMAT.

Published on Apr 26, 2013 email:
WE are in heavy prayer for Malaysia and feel the Lord is saying - He promised change and it will be sudden and He does not lose and is not finished yet. He says, ' My Spirit is moving and keep your eyes on me- not what you SEE but what you know in your heart. The Lord said He did not stir up the country to drop her now and will move and sweep through that nation. The Lord is shaking everything that can be shaken and has prepared the people for change. Hearts have been touched, faith has arisen and the Lord will not disappoint Malaysia. He will bring her to the finish line. He says, I am moving mightily in the land and rejoice for I am with you Malaysia, and My love for you will not let you go. In the heavenly realms principalities are being shaken, broken, and made into His footstool and the Lord is saying He has opened a portal over that nation and that she will SEE a light does shine out of the darkness. Many will come to Me saith the Lord and Righteousness will come forth. He had us prophesy Ezekiel 16: 6-14. It is time to pick up the harps and throw the smooth stone of praise at Goliath. For it only took David one stone for the giant to fall because he run after him in the Name of the Lord. Be encouraged in the Lord Malaysia, for the fear of the Lord in on your nation...
Blessing the Eternal one forever in Him
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