Saturday, May 18, 2013


Welcome to the carts.  Cartlandia otherwise known as Portland has over 800 registered gourmet roach coaches.  If you count the renegades I am sure the number is easily over 1,000.  Once upon a time they were cheap as well.  The prices have risen to match local restaurants recently.  That has proven to be a deterrent in the winter for many as being cold and wet is not how I cant to enjoy my organic burrito with locally made creme and beef from cows that had names for $11.  Still the Vietnamese sandwiches at Dolicious are well worth the $6.  The braised pork is one of the best I've ever had and sandwich is one of my favorite food groups.  The original food carts to me are still the Midnight Taco trucks in Austin, Texas.  I lived on North Loop at one point and these became a staple in my diet while up listening to Coast to Coast AM.  Are they still around +Gino Barasa +Lotus Carroll +Juan Gonzalez ?
Still the convenience factor is unmatched.

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