Wednesday, September 25, 2013



4th January 2013 was described as a dark period in history and the beginning of disaster and devastation to DAP. The main contributor that started this dooms was Dynasty Lim, Anthony Loke and  Tony Pua.

On the very same day, Tony Pua made the announcement that there are errors in the results of the counting of votes for CEC announced earlier on 15th. December 2012. Tony Pua justify it stems from problems tallying system that made use of Microsoft Excel. Having this excuse had the crowd laughing until now. This is a joke of a century. Bravo Tony!

The computer system error calculating the number of votes gained by Vincent Wu, candidate who won at the 6th place with the number of votes counted 1202 votes. Tony Pua stated the actual number of votes secure by Vincent Wu is just 669 votes.

Not just that. The error was not just affecting Vincent Wu votes but Zairil Khir Johari too. Tony Pua also stated that after the error being corrected, Zairil gain 803 votes which landing him at 20th place in CEC. Zairil votes which was announced earlier on 15th December 2012 was only 305 votes which ranked him at 39th position on the list of CEC election result.

Again, this issue seen as joke of a century among DAP members and also to the member of public. They wondered why the computer system just miscalculated Vincent Wu and Zairil votes only and not for the other candidates.

Many CEC election candidates lost including P. Ramasamy and M. Manoharan, they frankly tell the people that Zairil entry into CEC was a hoax planned to show to the public that the Malays have a place in the DAP.

Zairil himself was surprised with his victory and did not think he had many supporters to be opted into CEC although he just recently joined the DAP.

Nga Kor Ming told one of the PAS leader, the secret beyond the legacy of Lim Dynasty defending their throne and power over the years has revealed. By using the Malay proverb, Nga Kor Ming quotes “Sepandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh juga ke tanah”. It means at any fraud done, surely one day the fraud will be uncovered. For decades Lim Kit Siang committed fraud by manipulating the delegates vote to retain his power and finally Lim Guan Eng, Anthony Loke and Tony Pua ( the three stooges ) uncover the secret.

As the darkest hour in DAP has just begun, Tony Pua at the same time bringing disaster that could bring far more severe destruction to the party of DAP.

What is the more severe destruction to DAP? I will share with you on the next chapter…..