Tuesday, January 8, 2013

LIAR ...!!! LIAR ...!!! LIAR....!!!

Haktui...pecacai pr kena tipu lagi dengan Nizar.Jepun cakap tak tahu fasal duit 207 billion tu.Nizar pusing cakap Jepun bayar pakai duit daun pisang...wakakah...

KUALA LUMPUR: The Japanese embassy today denied any knowledge of the RM207 billion compensation for Japan’s Death Railway project as pursued by PAS’ Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin.
Japan’s second secretary to Malaysia Takaharu Suegami said today his government never confirmed that RM207 billion was paid to the Malaysian government to compensate some 30,000 Malaysians once recruited as forced labour in its Death Railway project.

“Regarding the compensation of RM207 billion inquired by (Nizar), it is outside of the involvement and knowledge of the government of Japan,” he said in a statement to Harakah Daily.
“We must remind you that the embassy of Japan has never confirmed that RM207 billion was paid to the Malaysian government as compensation for the victims of the ‘Death Railway’ project,” he added.

Suegami’s statement followed allegations that RM207 billion in compensation was paid a decade ago, but neither the surviving victims nor their families had received any payment.
Nizar had earlier told FMT that he had obtained internal information regarding the issue from the Finance Ministry in the form of a memorandum quoting the sum of RM207 billion.